Horizon 服务s is an awesome 公司. They were very customer oriented with great and friendly attitudes. I will definitely recommend them to all my 朋友 and family. 谢谢你!!

Went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied with their work. 我的空调工作得很好,我将使用bg真人游戏来满足我所有的空调/供暖和管道需求. 他们太棒了!

伟大的经历. We’ll do business with Horizon again, they take care of our concerns, 准时出现, 超越一切, do the work they say they are going to do, and are professional at all times.

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我们再怎么强调也不为过,对一个房主来说,对他们的家庭供暖系统进行年度维护是多么重要, 无论是煤气炉, 热水锅炉, 或者两者的混合, 在帮助消除家庭舒适系统中意外故障方面,没有什么比这更有效了, resulting in a no heat situation.

Let’s think about this for a moment, 你会在没有进行彻底安全检查的情况下开着家里的汽车进行长途公路旅行吗, possibly having the oil changed and air 过滤器 replaced? 在供暖季节开始之前没有对你家的供暖系统进行检查也是非常类似的情况. Testing the system for safe operation, ensuring the air 过滤器 fits properly, 系统按照制造商的要求运行, 非常重要, and ensures that the equipment is up to the challenges of the season ahead.

也许最简单的一般维护程序,业主可以执行的日常基础是更换系统中的空气过滤器。. This is of course the bare bones minimum that should be performed, and in some cases due to misinformation, 或者只是不熟悉的房主没有意识到他们的系统有空气过滤器, 这可能是灾难性的. Horizon 服务s has several options available for ensuring that this important service is performed promptly and effectively on a routine basis; just give us a call for more information.

丹佛供热服务公司 & 炉维修

这是一个不幸的事实,许多意想不到的供暖系统问题是可以避免的, or even eliminated with regular general maintenance, ensuring the system is operating within manufacturers’ guidelines, 然而,在很多情况下,大多数房主都没有意识到这一点,直到为时已晚.

Some minor issues left unaddressed can lead into major ones, 在某些极端情况下,这些问题不能简单地修复,而最终需要更换设备. Having the right information made available to you in a timely fashion, 以帮助您确定是否值得修理或更换设备, we feel is a very important part of the service we provide our customers.

一般来说, if a heating system is more than 12 to 15 years old, and a major repair is needed, 至少考虑一下更换设备的选择是有意义的. 当你需要我们的时候,有一家你可以信任的公司在那里,这就是我们延长营业时间的原因, 早上7点到晚上7点, 一周7天, 一切按常规收费, and emergency service is also available outside of these hours. You will also be talking to a live human being anytime you call, 而不是机器, when contacting Horizon for service.

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我们知道,当您选择暖通bg真人游戏注册提供商来处理任何加热时,您有很多选择, air conditioning or plumbing service. 我们的使命是创造和上演独特而难忘的“地平线体验”,将离开我们的客户, 供应商, and employees feeling compelled to tell their family, 朋友, and neighbors about their unique experience.

服务 locations include: 丹佛, 利特尔顿, 恩格尔伍德, 高原牧场, 孤独的树, 和纪念, 极光, 以及周边地区.


作为专业人士 bg真人游戏 and service 公司, Horizon 服务s明白,尽管我们对空调和暖通空调机组和设备有广泛的了解, we are actually in the people business. We also understand that people don’t want to own air conditioners, 熔炉或冷却器, so much as they do want a cool and comfortable home.

地平线的工作是教育客户维护空调设备的重要性,以确保他们的冷却装置持续很长时间,并防止任何意外停机与他们的家庭舒适系统. 这总是一个挑战, 但这就是为什么我们来这里让你的丹佛冷却系统保持在一流水平.

空调机组制造商在其用户手册中列出了设备的建议检查和检查清单, 这是用来制定地平线的交流设备服务和维护清单.

多年来, 这份清单也根据我们自己的供暖和bg真人游戏注册经验进行了修改, to not only ensure professional service for customers, 而且还要确保正在执行的工作是有效和一致地完成的, maintaining a high level of quality, 以帮助我们的客户避免在夏季出现意想不到的空调故障.


如果你的空调或冷却系统坏了或突然停止工作, you want an HVAC 公司 that can be available for bg真人游戏 马上. You certainly don’t want to hear “We can be there next Friday, 这就是为什么bg真人游戏公司每周7天提供AC服务——从早上7点到晚上7点, 而且都是常规价格.

Horizon also offers after hour’s emergency air conditioning service outside of our extended business hours, and we have a live answering service, so you never have to talk to a machine. 我们知道,直到你晚上下班回家或周末在公园玩了一下午才发现空调和制冷问题. You also want someone you can trust in your home, 这就是为什么Horizon的所有员工(包括管理层)都通过了广泛的背景调查, which the employee must have re-performed every 2 years.

If your home comfort system is more than 12 to 15 years old here in 丹佛, this is the point at which the equipment, based on the amount of run time we have for cooling and heating systems, 如果发生主要部件故障,可能值得考虑更换您的空调或加热装置, 因为它可能是更有意义的投资更新,更节能的空调设备取决于情况.

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减少低效率 & 省钱

在很多情况下,仅仅通过从一个效率低下和操作不良的系统升级来减少公用事业的超额支付就可以为你节省很多钱. It is Horizon’s job to ensure you know what your options are. 作为专业的暖通bg真人游戏注册提供商,我们理解您有更重要的事情要做, like spending quality time with family, so by having your home’s comfort system properly maintained, 你可以消除麻烦, have more time to do what you want to do, 当涉及到让您的家人全年舒适和安全的设备时,请不要担心.


Horizon 服务s 管道, A/C & 加热 services all furnace, AC, 锅炉, 热水供暖, 踢脚板供热, 增湿器, 过滤器, thermostat and water heater brands including: Trane, 航空公司, 布赖恩特, 伦诺克斯, Rheem, 路德, 玛拿顶, 家长, Janitrol, 美泰格, 美国标准, 吉布森, 电冰箱, Aprilaire, 霍尼韦尔, 一般, 揣恩, 涂画或缓解, 嗨, 同一年, 纽约, 阿姆斯特朗, Luxaire, Comfortmaker, 西尔斯, “肯, 科尔曼, Tempstar, GE, 通用电气和辛格.


When it comes to equipment warranties these days, most manufacturers in the HVAC industry have (2) different warranties. The first is what they offer as a minimum warranty. 第二种是最近的趋势,如果产品是通过公司网站注册的,也可以提供更长的保修范围, this usually needs to be performed within 60 days of the date of installation.

As a Horizon 服务s client, 如果您选择让我们为您进行设备安装,需要任何形式的保修登记,以确保您的投资有最好的覆盖范围, you can rest assured that this is being done for you. 这是我们的安装后程序的一部分,做任何和所有的保修文书工作, 退税文件, 等. for you, every time, guaranteed. We then provide you with the proof that this was done, we also have this information in our system, so if you misplace any paperwork, 这并不影响我们在需要时行使保修索赔的能力. If
there is a heating or cooling utility rebate that you qualify for, we completely fill out the forms, include all required supplemental info, and all you do is sign the paperwork. We then mail it for you, so you don’t have to ever worry about it.

对于Horizon 服务s,我们的担保或保证在保修期内是完全可转让的, 从最初购买之日起精确计算时间.